Employee Benefits

Advantage Home Health Care is partnering with John Hancock USA and Merrill Lynch to bring you an excellent opportunity to save for your retirement.

Advantage Home Health Care is preparing for an open enrollment period for our 401K program. Congratulations, you may now eligible for the plan. Enrollment is two times a year, July and January. Please read the Summary Plan Description below for complete details and eligibility of the plan.

John Hancock is now offering the easier “ONLINE ENROLLMENT EXPERIENCE”. The guide for on line enrollment can be accessed at John If you are interested in participating in the plan, please contact Chris for the enrollment instruction guide. After you’ve finished the online enrollment, print the form. Once the participant prints off the form you will need to add your social security number and date of birth, sign it, then return to your office or send to Chris or Paul in the Muncie office. If you do not have internet availability and require another enrollment option, please call Chris in the Muncie office.

If you’re seeking additional investment advice and enrollment guidance, please contact our financial advisers to the plan, Bill Ferrell with Merrill Lynch  at 1-800-937-0827 and he will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for being a valuable member of Advantage Home Health Care. We hope to see each of you make the most of this important new employee benefit.


Advantage Home Health Care

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