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One of the saddest things we see families in need of home care doing is procrastinating. Take these two scenarios for instance:

“My spouse (or mother, or brother) really needs care, and I feel it’s my responsibility to provide that care.  After all, I’m the only family member living close enough. I go over to the house three or four times a day to either prepare a meal, help with bathing, or sometimes just check in. I get tired, but I’m holding up okay.” Or, “I couldn’t possibly let someone else care for my husband in my own house.” Does any of this sound familiar?

Don’t wait until you can’t go on to find help! Too often we let our own feelings of guilt or responsibilities cloud our better judgment regarding the care of a loved one. Home care isn’t meant to replace the loving care of family. Home care is meant to support the efforts of the family and make possible a safe and healthful lifestyle in the home for someone who otherwise might not be able to remain there.

The moral of this story, and our advice to families, is to find the help you need before you injure or weaken yourself. Remember that the person you are caring for may feel they are a burden on the people they love and signs of stress on a family caregiver can reinforce these feelings. Nobody’s best interest is ever served by waiting too long to seek help.