About Us

About Us

Advantage Home Health Care has been serving the home care needs of Hoosiers for over 28 years. Indiana owned and operated, Advantage is one of the largest providers of home care services in the state, with 12 locations serving 50 counties. Our patients, rest assured, the care they receive meets the highest standards set by the Indiana State Department of Health. Experience does make a difference and we put that experience to work for our patients every day.

At Advantage we believe patients and families deserve honest information, so they can develop realistic expectations and workable plans for the home care of a loved one. After all, problems we can deal with…what we all dislike are surprises.

Caring for a family member during post procedure recovery, or for long term assistance at home, will often mean outside help will be required.  Choosing the right agency to help is an important decision that will affect nearly every part of your life. You want every advantage for your family and it will be our honor and pleasure to serve you.

Money Matters

Money matters to you and it matters to us. We do our best to manage expenses, so we can keep your costs in check. Home health care is not inexpensive, but it is very often the more cost-effective approach when compared to other means of care. Advantage is Hoosier founded and owned so we aren’t subject to franchise fees, royalties and other national chain expenses.

Our claims department is highly skilled and experienced. We are experts in the processing of insurance, Medicaid, Waiver, Choice, and other third-party reimbursement claims. We are aware of many types of reimbursement for our services and we work to assist each client to determine what forms of payment assistance they may be eligible for.

Please call one of our locations if we can be of assistance or if you have questions.

24/7 Availability

Our offices not only keep normal business hours, but we are never more than a phone call away day or night. Our “On-Call” availability ensures you won’t have to wait until the next day, or Monday morning, to address a need or concern. This includes new services or a change in existing services.

After hours calls are quickly relayed to our staff, so you get the same personal attention you would during regular hours. Just dial our number and we’ll take care of the rest. Your needs won’t be limited to business hours, and our availability won’t be either.


Each person we assist is a special individual with their own needs and wishes. A vital part of our job is identifying and developing a plan of care that recognizes and specifically addresses these unique requirements. We are committed to encouraging individuality, autonomy, and privacy as integral parts of a healthful home care experience. We are committed to your opportunity to remain at home, independent, and secure in the heart of the family, young or old.

Professional Ethics

At Advantage, we thoroughly discuss our policies and expectations with our staff regarding their courteous and professional behavior prior their employment with us. We openly address issues such as employee theft, substance abuse, and dress code. Each Advantage employee is required to pass an extensive criminal background check, provide a clean pre-employment drug screen sample, and participate in our required continuing education program. Our goal is to perform at the highest level of professional ethics and we take every measure to ensure we are best serving you by employing individuals who share our view.


Consistent communication between our staff and the patient and or the family is the foundation of excellent care. Matters as simple as a schedule adjustment, or as potentially complex as a change in the patient’s condition, need to be reliably communicated to ensure the patient’s well-being. The Nursing Supervisor, our in-home caregivers, and the Staffing Manager rely on this dialog as we strive to improve and upgrade the care we provide in the home.

Good communication also helps in the event there are concerns or problems that require intervention on our part to resolve. The goal of improvement often times is aided by acting on patients input or suggestions, then us identifying that conversation as an opportunity to create a better condition.