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Home Care & Families

One of the greatest personal rewards we have found in home care is the benefit to the traditional family. For many generations we Americans have lived most of our lives in extended families; several generations living right next door to each other in small farming communities. Family members took part in caring for any family member who needed it. If a member of the family couldn’t make it to Thanksgiving or Christmas, then we would leave a chair empty at the table as a reminder the family isn’t whole. The world today doesn’t much resemble that picture, and even on the farm life seems just the opposite. We are a mobile society, and it’s a rare treat when we can get everybody in the same place at the same time.

Home care will never be able to replace the loving attention provided by families. It was never intended to. What home care can do is supplement the care families provide and allow any family member, young or old, the opportunity to remain in the home with their family during recovery or for the long term. Home care makes it possible for families to have a table with no empty chairs.